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Chronicle Joins Aurora as Ecosystem Partner

In a partnership of strategic interest, Chronicle has announced its association with Aurora. The partnership is related to Aurora’s ecosystem and will help make the procedural and functional efficiencies of the system more efficient. Chronicle currently makes use of the Aurora EVM for managing the various processes related to its NFT collectibles. The Aurora EVM blockchain solution is proving extremely efficient in managing the NFTs on Chronicle. Through this new partnership, both organizations will have a chance to tap each other’s resources and strategic capabilities. 

There is enough support for the scaling solution in the Ethereum-based ecosystem that Aurora aims to offer. Chronicle has now joined the long list of partners as Aurora seeks to become an industry leader in providing scaling solutions to clients across the globe. Some of the other significant names that have joined the ecosystem of Aurora EVM include Pantera Capital which is well known for its capabilities of providing voice support to the scaling solution. 

According to Aurora’s press release, the organization has raised funding to the tune of $12M in the first private funding round. More than 100 investors participated in the funding process, which testifies the huge support and popularity Aurora enjoys among the ecosystem’s stakeholders. 

It is a significant development as many projects such as Global Coin Ventures, imToken, and Zero Knowledge Validation have become part of this Ethereum-based ecosystem. Chronicle’s addition to this list will definitely augur well for the scope and popularity of Aurora and help the segment explore new avenues of growth in the coming time. To sum up, this partnership can become a game-changer in the future by paving the way for the scalability in Ethereum domain. This, in turn, is expected to open new growth opportunities for both cryptocurrency and the blockchain domain.

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