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Crypto Sports Betting: Bonuses and Promotions Offers

Introduction – Crypto Sports Betting

Crypto sports betting is a part of the online gaming industry where the gamblers can either exclusively or inclusively use cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and decentralized assets to make the wagers and bag a win. Online gambling industry has always been enthusiastic regarding decentralized financing due to the plethora of benefits that it delivers. In the past years, the growth in the crypto industry and the acceptance of online gambling have led to a surge in the overall traffic that crypto sports betting platforms are experiencing. These platforms provide several sports betting options, and some even come with other gambling options such as casino games, table games, etc. 

Crypto Sports Betting: Bonus and Promotion

In order to entice new users and keep the existing ones engaged, most of the online crypto sports betting platforms constantly offer various bonuses and promotions. These promotions can either be based on the type of bet that users are making, the volume of betting, loyalty to the platform, and many other criteria. Most of the bonuses can be availed only after registering with the platform and depositing funds or making a bet, albeit there are some exceptions to this requirement.

What Crypto Sports Betting Bonuses can I find?

While the bonuses and their details might depend on each platform, some of the commonly seen crypto sports betting bonuses are listed below. 

  • Bitcoin sign-up bonus

As the name suggests, Bitcoin sign-up bonus is one that is associated with the particular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is among the assets which might be the only one accepted by some platforms, and new users can make use of this bonus as they get started with a platform.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This can be regarded as one of the rarer bonuses and is only offered by a few platforms. In this case, the users do not need to make a deposit on the platform to be eligible for this bonus. No deposit bonus typically covers a small amount of funds to make the first bet. 

  • BTC reload bonus

Reload bonus is an incentive that is directed towards existing users of the platform. It can be used when a bettor or user re-deposits funds on the platform to make a wager, assuming the previous money was all spent in making wagers. 

  • Point System

This category of bonuses and perks are provided by crypto sports betting platforms that maintain a point system which is usually based on the amount of bets that a particular user has made through the platform. This system rewards users based on their volume of bets and loyalty to the platform, while the perks also include discounted fees and charges.

  • Rebate Bonus

Rebate bonus majorly results in revised and better prices by the service provider. This bonus can either be applicable at the time of deposit or would take effect the next time a user makes a deposit.

  • Bitcoin Free Bet

This is one of the most intriguing bonuses of all and also among the rarest. It enables the users to place a bet without actually investing one’s own money, and if the bet is one, the users can essentially win without bearing the risk of gambling.

  • Refer a friend

Referrals are also getting common among sports betting platforms. The rewards of these might differ significantly, but the fundamentals remain obvious. Users would get perks and lucrative incentives upon inviting new users to the platform and completing their first deposit.

What to look for in your Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonus might be the single most common form of bonus provided by online gambling websites. The key things that must be checked for the Bitcoin sports welcome bonus is the wagering requirement of the platform, the minimum deposit required to avail the bonus, and the type of reward (and how versatile it is).

What are the standard bonus terms?

Some of the standard bonus terms that are used by most of the leading platforms and might be useful are listed below. 

  1. Wagering Requirement
  2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Match Bonus
  3. Free spins
  4. Promotional Terms and Conditions etc.


Bonuses and promotions form a big part of the charm and allure for various crypto sports betting platforms. While these can certainly enhance one’s experience, they might also often be misleading. It is crucial to go through all the terms and policies of the platforms and their respective bonuses before trying to avail one.

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