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Chainlink VRF to Enhance Transparency for OMNI’s in-App Functions

Designed as a one-shot solution for facilitating video-sharing and social connectivity requirements using the expertise of new-age AI technology, has joined hands with Chainlink VRF to enhance its core service pool devoted to users. 

With Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness Function or VRF, OMNI is looking forward to streamlining the operational capacities of its in-built mechanisms, including Celebrity NFT Drops and the In-App Giveaway System. Chainlink VRF works as a highly secured Random Number Generator that offers blockchain gaming portals access to a trustworthy source of randomness that uses cryptography to ensure a provably fair gaming experience. The tamper-proof randomness feature assures firms security from any sort of manipulation by users, node operators, or hackers. VRF offers full transparency in the processes for easy enquiry from the involved parties through off-chain computation.

OMNI will access an auditable randomness source for its Celebrity NFT Drops function as part of the collaboration. The cluster includes 2,000 NFT tokens featuring the 100 most popular sports heroes, cultural personalities, and renowned icons. The VRF function will be employed to pick random customers participating in the Omni Strong Holder event. Those having a minimum of 5000 OMNI tokens will get the rare opportunity to win one of the unique Celebrity NFT assets to their credit. VRF will also help OMNI randomly choose posts and comments for the latter’s In-App giveaways and promotions. 

The OMNI portal participants will appear on a list required by the wallet address, wherein each wallet will be allotted an index starting from the 0 mark. The event winner will be selected by using math between the random number and number of participants involved. The outcome of the math will represent the index of the champion. 

The OMNI cluster is known as a mega social app as it offers a variety of services to users, all with a single click. The ecosystem includes features like chat, live streaming, feeds exploration, dub & duet, music streaming, stores creation, etc. On the other hand, Chainlink is considered a top-tier oracle network that helps transport data across multiple blockchain portals, ensuring security for users.

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