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myMessage Partners With Islander to Build a More Vibrant Web3 World

myMessage, a light-grade decentralized data storage and social media platform, has made a ground-breaking announcement of its partnership deal with Islander, another decentralized learn-to-earn online platform, with the motive of exploring a more exciting Web3 world where the profits generated and rights of the users during socializing, growth hacking and content makers will be given back to the users.

A Web3 Metaverse world will be created based on secure, immutable, and distributed data flow, and the amalgamation of Islander and myMessage would aim to provide world-class solutions to its users.

The two units will be operating together to provide the following elements –

The two units will operate on the technical integration of the decentralized social media app, myMessage, into Islander’s app in order to incentivize and engage with content creators, projects, audiences, and multimedia through the unique incentivizing technique of myMessage’s social farming.

myMessage will be supported by Islander through user acquisition by utilizing and integrating the platform’s cutting-edge and innovative toolkits that allow crypto projects, users, influencers, and content creators to display their efforts through marketing and creativity in an exceedingly interactive and exciting way.

The two units will operate parallelly to make SDKs and APIs from the compatible projects through data interaction.

myMessage and Islander will consider each other as partners and support with the maximum resources in branding and marketing in multiple local markets.

This integration of myMessage with Islander will bring about great access to a massive pool of users because of the cumulative platform run by Islander. Moreover, myMessage is most likely to witness huge adoption of the technologies of both the platforms, and this will not be limited to cryptocurrency and the conventional Web2 users.

About myMessage

myMessage is a decentralized data portal and social media platform for Web3 apps. It is the world’s leading light-grade Reddit-like decentralized platform developed on the multi-chain framework that supports evolving apps, including the decentralized first-class message dApp, Thread-reply bulletin board, SDKs, and developer tools to offer encrypted data feeds to Web3 apps with a Quantum-resistant security level.

About Islander

Islander is a decentralized learn-to-earn online platform to market and manage projects in an innovative way. Crypto managers, content creators, influencers, and other project owners can engage the attention of their target audience as well as nurture them by providing interactive and exciting quests in the long run and also by providing tradable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are either customized or pre-made by its users or the platform.

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