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Dave Portnoy Buys Bitcoin with Help from Winklevoss Brothers

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, who is fast becoming a day trader, recently purchased bitcoins worth $200,000 with assistance from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Dave Buys Bitcoin

Dave tweeted a video on Thursday, August 13, where we can see Tyler and Cameron, the founders of Gemini, the crypto exchange giving Dave a walkthrough of bitcoin basics. They also guided him about how to purchase the bitcoins. Dave also purchased Chainlink’s LINK token worth $50,000.

In another tweet, Dave mentioned that he is now seven figures deep into crypto stuff.

Dave’s Day Trading Endeavors

Dave founded Barstool Sports way back in 2003, which covers culture and sports. Barstool Sports is a platform for publishing relevant content on the website and also on social media.

However, from the time COVID-19 associated quarantine started, Dave moved onto day trading and started streaming his day trader activities under the nickname Davey Day Trader.

His activities created a dedicated audience base comprising of traders who chase riches and at present there are over 1.7 million followers of his Twitter account. Dave fitted perfectly into a culture that is driven by Robinhood speculators and fast-moving memes. But, there are critics also who are against approach he has while covering stocks.

Difficulties in Buying Bitcoins

In another video earlier in the month, Dave mentioned that he purchased $20,000 worth of bitcoins previously. But, he was not happy with the complexities involved in the buying process and in holding these digital assets. He added that buying normal stocks is a relatively easier process.

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